Barolo DOCG

La Morra


Poderi Gagliardo - Barolo La Morra

Vintage desctiption

Lesser knows Barolo appellation, the ‘’Comunale’’ can be produced by multiple parcels within the same village. So by its 11 villages, the Barolo area can produce 11 Barolo Comunali. Poderi Gianni Gagliardo makes two of them. The La Morra since vintage 2016 and Monforte since 2020, that will be release for the first time this year.

Barolo del Comune di La Morra is made by a specific zone of La Morra. It’s the area surrounding the cellar, with a lower altitude compared to the village average. It’s a place historically recognized by local winemaker to source flavours, ethereal notes, and early expressing wines.

Grapes: Nebbiolo
Harvest: 10 October 2020
Village: La Morra
MeGa (Cru): Santa Maria, Serra dei Turchi
Maceration: 12 days
FML: 100%
Aging: 35hl single big cask
Aging duration: 26 months
Bottling: 8 July 2021


Alcohol: 14,50 %Total acidity: 5,32 g/L – Dry extract: 29,1 g/L

Winemaker notes

The two plots used for Barolo del Comune di La Morra are located nearby on the same hill. However, they are very different from each other. Cru Santa Maria is a plateau that drifts towards west, it’s very open and exposed, almost a donkey back shape. This allows a lot of energy to accumulate on the grapes and wines. The second plot, Cru Serra dei Turchi, is a made by a south faced amphitheater and a hump. Is this second parcel that gives the elegant side of the blend.