Our soil is alive and clean. We manage the vineyards in Certified Organic regime, with care and love for details. We apply the basic principles of Biodynamics, and a holistic approach, which takes into account the overall balance of the vineyard environment.


We take care of our vines one by one, because each one is different from the others. We make mass selections from the oldest and most interesting plants in order to preserve original genetic imprints. We seek balance in the individual plant, which then becomes the balance of the whole vineyard, and then of the wine we produce.


We vinify with the minimum technical intervention, following the principle of knowing more, to intervene less. We work in a team, with a sum of experiences and specific personal sensibilities. We take advantage of the difference in the cellar by ranking the wines naturally by gravity, and refine our bottles underground, in the cool dark natural cellar as long as necessary.


In wines we look for balance, elegance, purity of expression. If a wine does not make us completely happy, we do not release it.